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Hartford Historical Society
Hartford Historical Society
Catalog of Holdings

Welcome to the catalog of holdings. Our volunteers have been working for the past few years to document all our holdings in a manner that enables the Society to make its catalog available online.

This initial catalog presentation is essentially that which the software we use gives us, with limited search capabilities. We will expand those in the future.

Click one of these 3 links to get started:

When you go to one of the holdings you will see a list of Details about the item. Keep scrolling down to see more, or use the tabs across the top to jump to Images, Condition, or any other subcategory.

A good example of the holdings would be one of the 1927 Flood photo collections in the Society's holdings. Scroll down or click on the Images tab to see a photo of the 'grammar school' that today is our Town Hall.

What if I see something that needs to be fixed?

Make a note of the Accession number, typically something like 1991.067.0068, and the suggested change, and email your notes to us or stop by the Historical Society offices weekdays 9am - 1pm. If you would like to help out working on the catalog, we would be happy to hear from you. The software is "in the cloud" and you can do a lot of work from your home or office.